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The Elusive Antecedent and the Noun Verb

They say that surveys show that customers respond to companies whose executives blog. Armed with this critical piece of information (from their perspective) the social networking team at CDC/BME approached me about blogging. This blog is evidence that I succumbed to pressure and blogged, but not before convincing the gel haired, tattered jeans crowd to let me choose the topics. Hooboy, was the general consensus. The conversation went like this.

“Is blog one of those nouns that have now become a verb?” I asked them. Shoulders shrugged. I explained. A blog is a web log, hence the name. I’d done my homework (googled it). And when an individual posts a blog, it’s called blogging. There, a noun and a verb all wrapped into one work. English is a very dynamic language. They signed and rolled their eyes simultaneously, as if connected by a common nerve center.

And then I dropped the bomb. “Define the antecedent.” Eyes bugged, it was as if they’d all suffered a severe onset of Graves Disease. I let them off the hook, “You know,” I said, trying to speak their language. “Who is ‘they’ in the survey?”

“People,” the one wearing a T-Shirt with chainsaws and skulls replied. Of course that cleared everything up for me. After all, the survey could have been done on heffalumps and woozles. And so it goes.

“How about I blog (write) about the decline in public courage and how our society is driven by laws rather than a Biblical moral code for my first blog?” I asked, half serious. Watching their frowning faces was like watching a time lapse. It was as if they’d aged decades in only a few seconds. “Just kidding,” I said. They started breathing again.

“How about Heirs and Innovators?” They heard errors and innovators and looked perplexed. I explained the concept of how we’re all heir to the achievements of those before us but simultaneously responsible for making a contribution for the benefit of the next generation. Being of the millennial generation, this was a new concept for them, but they thought it had merit and approved.

And so a Blog was born. Each week I endeavor to concoct some stream of thought to post on our company Facebook. The goal, as I’m told, is to give our dealers a more personal glimpse of CDC/BME. Honestly, I think the millennials are fearful of what they’ve requested. I see them whispering to each other after each blog posting. I ain’t skeered.

I’m never sure what I’ll write about– they (millenials) said to jot down what’s on my mind. Maybe I’ll delve into the phenomena of how financial gurus can’t seem to tie a symmetrical knot on their neck-tie, or maybe the inverse relation between shoe price and sole thickness. They said to check with them first, but I never do. The worse that can happen is ‘they’ll’ ask me to stop blogging.

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