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The Arcane Texas Fact of the Day:

On April 11, 1836, the two cannons known as “The Twin Sisters” were finally delivered to Sam Houston’s Army as it continued its movements across Texas toward San Jacinto and glory. The guns had been purchased by the people of Cincinnati, Ohio after those fine folks had donated the funds to purchase them in November, 1835. They were cast in Cincinnati, shipped to New Orleans, labeled “hollow ware” to avoid suspicion, then sent to Galveston. They were named “The Twin Sisters” after the twin daughters of Doctor Charles Rice. They played a key role at the Battle of San Jacinto and then, after the U.S. annexed Texas, they were used by the U.S. Army. By the time of the Civil War they were considered obsolete, but Texas retrieved them from an armory in Baton Rouge and put them back into fighting shape. They were in action at the Battle of Galveston in 1863 but after that they disappeared. They may have been buried to keep them out of Union hands but none of the efforts to find them has ever succeeded.

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