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Electoral College—The Saving Grace of America

Grace is to do honor or favor to someone or something even though they’re undeserving. The Electoral College may be America’s saving grace.

Based on recent primary election results, not fickle polls, but actual results, America’s choice for President, from among a group of distinguished, qualified, and honorable candidates, is either a lady known for screeching speeches and lying or a man known for being sophomoric, raucous and rude. And it’s because those are apparently America’s most popular choices that I say America is undeserving.

I can’t explain why the lady is the choice of Democrats from among a vast… Continue reading

Electoral College

Bizarre is a fair description of both party’s Presidential primary. Each day something occurs that takes the carnival to a new level, and not necessarily a higher level. The media loves both Hillary and Donald. They love Hillary because she’s aligned with their values; they love Donald because he attracts viewers, which pays the bills. It’s my guess that 80% of Americans fear either being President. Hillary lies when the truth would do her good and Donald can’t make it through the day without insulting someone highly respected by all. And every caustic gesture causes each to increase the velocity… Continue reading

28 Day Month

I need your help in starting a movement. The movement is the thirteen month year. Like the metric system, it makes total sense, but like the metric system, will not likely be adopted in America.

Imagine every month with twenty days in which Sundays always fall on the 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd. And every day of the week would likewise fall on the same numbers each month. So, when someone says the 2nd Tuesday of such and such month, you’d know the date, which in this example would be the… Continue reading

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