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Baseball’s Greatest Men

“Who were the greatest men in baseball to make the hall of fame?” Pop that question to a testosterone-laden group while watching the World Series. If the answers first given include only a bevy of stats, repeat the question and emphasize the word ‘man.’ If that doesn’t get their attention, and it usually doesn’t, you’ll have to be more obvious by saying that the question wasn’t the best player, but the best man. You may need to explain, and that’s the problem.

Ty Cobb, with a lifetime batting average of .376 and over 4000 hits is arguably the greatest player… Continue reading

Prodigious Musial

Since publishing my first novel, The Bridge, I get a lot of questions. Guys I knew growing up want to know when I learned to spell. More polite people want to know why I write, how I got started, how do I create characters, when is the movie, and so on. But there are two questions I like most and have the most endearing answers. 1) What is the most extraordinary thing that has happened to you as a result of your books? 2) What is the most poignant moment that has occurred?

The oral version of this story… Continue reading

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