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Pro Choice

Solution: Pro Choice

Most of America continues to reel over recent Supreme Court rulings. Clearly, the duties of the three branches of government have blurred. Both the executive and judicial branches have become, at times, legislative. Regardless of their legislative rulings, conservative or liberal, these acts are not constitutional. Most disturbing is that while the vast majority of Americans reel over the rulings, too many are missing the bigger problems, which are the unconstitutional legislative actions of both the judicial and executive branches.

Based on recent conversations with Americans, Canadians, and Europeans, it’s clear that America is still seen as… Continue reading

Common Core: Why?

Common Core Standards now control the majority of testing and curriculum of America’s public schools. The architects of common core claim the goal is to increase the career and college readiness of America’s primary school students. Having spent considerable time researching common core, I’m now more perplexed than when I began. Common Core is very vague, which makes the specifics difficult to debate.

The primary reason I’m not a fan of common core has little to do with what’s called for in common core. It’s the common part that has me vexed. Who wants to be common? Education should be… Continue reading

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