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Exponential Cause Marketing: A Purposeful Path


Stihl, The Cary Francis Group, Gregory Welteroth, and The Resurrecting Lives Foundation (RLF) have joined forces in a cause marketing campaign. Cause marketing, a first for both Stihl and RLF Lives, is when a for profit and a non-profit entity join forces. If the initiative is mutually beneficial it will endure and provide sustained support for the cause, in this case America’s veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury-TBI.

It’s estimated that more than 450,000 veterans are suffering from TBI due to an injury sustained while serving America in Iraq/Afghanistan. Worse yet, the suicide rate among Iraq/Afghanistan veterans is estimated to be 1.3 per day. The good news; there’s something that can be done and is being done.

‘Exponential’ cause marketing is when a non-profit aligns with a network of for profit entities; in this case Stihl dealers. RLF apparel will soon be arriving at Stihl dealers all across America.

Sales of the apparel will serve multiple mutually beneficial purposes, the first of which is raising funds for the treatment of veterans. The goal is to raise $100,000 for Resurrecting Lives. Of possible greater importance, wearing of the apparel will raise awareness for RLF and its mission. The mutual benefit to Stihl and the dealers is alignment with the patriotic cause for veterans. There’s only upside to Stihl and the dealers when America’s veterans see Stihl as the brand that supports them.BW Resurrecting Lives Foundation Logo with Text FINAL

The apparel consists of a hat and t-shirt. The hat is adorned with the Resurrecting Lives Foundation logo. At first glance the logo appears to be an ink blot. A closer examination reveals that the logo is in fact just that, an ink blot, but one that resembles a butterfly with the silhouette of two standing vigilant. The genesis of the logo, the Rorschach ink blot test, is well known in TBI circles and is frequently used in the diagnosing of thought disorders. Few things in nature change more than a butterfly. The logo exemplifies the mission of Resurrecting which is to facilitate a healing metamorphosis for our heroes suffering from TBI.

The joint efforts of Stihl, Resurrecting Lives Foundation, The Cary Francis Group, Gregory Welteroth, and Stihl dealers all across America is a purposeful path that is sure to produce beneficial patriotic results. This is clearly an example of a movement in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The headline could read, Stihl dealers unite to resurrect America, one hero at a time.

The Resurrecting Lives Foundation strategy is to train medical professionals on the diagnosis of TBI, identify best methods of treatment, direct veterans suffering from TBI to treatment centers nearest them, and help restore them to a life of fulfillment. For more information about Resurrecting Lives go to


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