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Most of America continues to reel over recent Supreme Court rulings. Clearly, the duties of the three branches of government have blurred. Both the executive and judicial branches have become, at times, legislative. Regardless of their legislative rulings, conservative or liberal, these acts are not constitutional. Most disturbing is that while the vast majority of Americans reel over the rulings, too many are missing the bigger problems, which are the unconstitutional legislative actions of both the judicial and executive branches.

Based on recent conversations with Americans, Canadians, and Europeans, it’s clear that America is still seen as the world’s leader and that America is viewed as listing. And the concern is of America’s ability to remain the world’s leader while enduring endless problems at home. If America fails to lead, another country will take its place, and nobody I know, American or otherwise, can think any other country suitable for world leadership or dominance. Like it or not, America is the proverbial playground protector.

To deal only with near term problems is to guarantee that problems will persist. It’s akin to dealing with the damage due to a leaky roof while ignoring the cause of the problem, the impaired roof. America has an impairment and both the impairment and the effects of the impairment must be dealt with simultaneously. Constitutionalists must continue to support those who uphold the constitution while working to ensure the next generation learns American history and what made America great.

Too many can’t name the three branches of government and fewer still can explain the duties of each. And only a remnant realize that the regulatory agencies are not a branch of government, but have become an effective fourth branch which functions as executive, legislative, and judicial all in one. The insidious nature of the transformation of America must be brought to light.

Just as with the metaphorical leaking roof, there is the short term immediate need to address the consequences of the impairment and the need to address the impairment. This blog suggests a solution to the impairment; dealing with the consequences will be never ending until we fix the root of the problem. Let’s fix the roof or the leak will only get worse.

The culture of any country begins a generation earlier; the children. Today, children are bombarded with stimulus from infinite sources, most of which are not reliable, factual, or held to any moral standard. Attend any public event and you’ll see the majority of those attending with their heads down looking at some sort of personal device. The art of learning is being lost because a generation is being conditioned to no longer needing to know anything except how to Google. Our youth are becoming personal device and search engine dependent. And those who control the search engines don’t have America’s best interest at the forefront of their innovations.

Those who can’t learn are easier to influence. I don’t believe there’s any sinister world order with a global strategy to mind numb a generation but there is always a sinister element ready to take advantage of the mentally weak, and take advantage they will if people lose the art of learning and lose their mental acuity.

The public education system is broken; at best it’s of no help, and at worst, central to the problem. One of the federal government’s first initiatives in support of public education was the distribution of the Bible. The last initiative was Common Core, how things have changed. The case against Common Core isn’t the curriculum. The argument against Common Core begins with federal government’s involvement in primary public education. It’s time the federal government gets out of primary public education. There’s no provision for public education in the constitution. Responsibility for public education needs to be handed over to the states. And parents need to be given a choice.

Beginning in 2016, Nevada will establish an education savings account (ESA) equal to 90% what the state would otherwise give to public schools for every student enrolled in public school. The parents will be able to designate ESA funds to a school or schools of their choice. ESA funds can be split between institutions in cases where a student may attend multiple schools. The result is expected to be the flourishing of quality private schools and, due to the competition, an improvement in public schools. Look for Nevada students to soon lead the nation in standardized test scores.

It is the hope of those who support this agenda that children will be given an education focused on the fundamentals, patriotism, and free of social agendas that differ from the parents or is harmful to America. Doing so will ensure that the next generation attains the art of learning, the difference between wisdom and knowledge, indwelled with American pride, and prepared to restore America to its founding principles.

The politically correct crowd has influenced countless phraseological changes. Let’s push back and make Pro-Choice something we can all believe in; Pro-Choice in Education. Keep an eye on Nevada’s education gamble.


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