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Knowing The Enemy: Jihadist Ideology

The college blog, Campus Reform, recently posted several video interviews of Harvard students. Students were asked, “What is a greater threat to world peace, ISIS or America?” Several of the students answered, “America.” The emotions I felt when seeing and hearing this were shock, heartbreak, rage, bewilderment, and sorrow. How could students bright enough to attend one of the world’s most esteemed universities believe that America is a bigger threat to world peace than ISIS? Did ISIS send aid to Haiti? Is ISIS assisting with the EBOLA crisis in Africa? How many oil wells in the middle east has ISIS taken over? How many has America taken over? The rhetorical point making questions could go on until the cows come home. America is the playground protector, not the bully. Has America made mistakes? Yes. Has America beheaded children simply because their parents claimed to be Christian? No!

A good friend upon seeing the same interviews had this say, I quote, “It is time that responsible parents got off their clueless, apathetic duffs and started dong a better job of educating their kids and inoculating them against the infernal indoctrination that academia and our culture are serving to them in mentally lethal doses.” Ahem…that’s you and me.

I recently had the pleasure of spending a day with Mary Habeck who leads an international think tank made up of politicians, theologians, militarists, and economists, maybe the first ever of its kind. Their goal is to better understand how to engage and defeat the insurgent terrorists. Her book, “Knowing the Enemy,” is a great start for those who truly want to learn more about Jihadist Ideology. If I knew they’d read it, I’d purchase a thousand copies and send them to Harvard.

Better questions for the erudite Harvard students might be, “What’s the difference between the Quran,Hadith, Bible, and Torah?  And why does it matter?”

How many dollars does ISIS invest each year to develop a cure for cancer? How many people are streaming across the border into countries controlled by ISIS?


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