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Jesus Is Problematic

St. Louis Cardinal Glennon Children’s Charity Christmas television commercial was initially rejected by ESPN because it mentioned the birth of Jesus Christ. After a justified public outcry, ESPN did a 180 and agreed to run the spot in its original form. ESPN told Cardinal Glennon representatives that the use of Jesus and God in the spot was problematic. There has been little coverage of this controversy on mainstream media. Google “ESPN Jesus is problematic,” and check it out for yourself.

The TV spot makes an appeal for letters to be sent to children suffering during this Christmas season. And part of the messages states that we’re celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

ESPN claims they don’t allow TV commercials that feature or promote politics or religion. Really?

Hats off to those who let their voices be heard and caused ESPN to change its stance.

Several things came to mind when I first learned of this controversy.  I wonder how many “Holiday” parties the executives responsible for making and then reversing the decision will attend this “Holiday” season. I suspect some of them have a “Christ”mas tree, and have done their “Christ”mas shopping.

While watching ESPN during the next couple of weeks count the number of spots advertising treatment for erectile dysfunction or encouraging drinking. For research sake count also those spots featuring scantily clad women selling underwear that is surely the highest price per ounce garments on planet earth. Keep in mind the network that allows that to air find Jesus and God problematic.

If one based their opinion of Americans  on the commercials that air on ESPN, we would surely be seen as a country void of God or religion where women prance around provocatively, causing men to drive large trucks to remote destinations where they build log homes and drink copious amounts of beer, the result of which is erectile dysfuntion that can be easily cured by taking a tiny blue pill with the only side affect being the urge to sit in an antique tub in the middle of nowhere and gaze lazily into the sitting sun. Everytime I see the tiny-pill-twin-tubs commercial, I can almost hear the aged gentleman pleading, “come back, Shane.”

Maybe it’s ESPN that’s problematic.


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