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Fighting terrorism is much akin to the effort to eradicate Ebola, or any disease. Addressing those who are infected and stopping the spread must occur simultaneously—and both are equally important.

The metric of success isn’t the numbers that have died—it’s the number saved. The risk of doing something far outweighs the risk of doing nothing.

America’s troops have and are deployed to regions known to be centers of training for terrorist. That’s the eradication front. Pulling out before eradication is complete simply allows the disease to once again gain hosts and spread.

It’s complicated and I don’t understand all that I wish I did, but I know that to pull our troops out before eradication is achieved is akin to ceasing treatment for Ebola and expecting the spread to abate.

Islamist terrorism is a disease that must be eradicated and its spread stopped. The war isn’t with a country-it’s with a movement that has no borders. Support our troops and political leaders who understand the threat.

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