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The Exponential, Extra Special, Bonus Savings Conundrum

You’ve seen the advertisements touting a savings. And in some cases the savings is “special,” and occasionally “extra special.” Sometimes the ad’s creator, thinking the potential customers are old enough to remember how to do math, will include the percent the item is discounted—“Prices slashed 50%,” or for those who learned math by using a calculator, “Prices reduced-Save $100.”

To save is to keep someone or something safe. Is it possible to save money when making a purchase? If so, what was kept safe? I guess if one arrived at the store and had intended to pay $100 for something and eventually pay only $80, then a true savings has occurred. But is there really $20 that then needs to be kept safe?

There you have it…the savings conundrum.

Here’s another. I’ve reduced the electronic version of my books to $2.95. Since I can only assume that many of you had intended to purchase all three volumes for your summer vacation, or as a gift for a friend, then a tangible savings will occur. The new price is approximately $7 below the previous price. So one can save $7 on each book. And for those who had intended to purchase the entire set, a $21 savings is at hand. And for those who had intended to purchase multiple sets as gifts for graduates, friends, relatives, and father’s day—the potential savings is virtually unlimited.  I call this an exponential savings conundrum.

No good ad is complete without the offer of a special bonus. You’ve heard it, “But wait, there’s more.” In most cases that’s just a bunch of bunk, but in this case it’s true—believe you me.

All net proceeds of book sales are donated to; a veteran’s organization devoted totally to veterans suffering from TBI. Wait, there’s more. As a special bonus, Resurrecting Lives is an all-volunteer organization so 100% of the money donated is used for the treatment of veterans.

So, do some on-line shopping.  (Barnes & Noble / Amazon) Treat yourself or your friends to a copy of “The Colby Series.” Remember, you can now send an eBook as a gift.

What, I ask, can be more pleasing than enjoying an exponential, extra special, bonus savings while shopping for another and simultaneously helping our veterans? This is an offer that is truly beyond description but certainly worthy of sharing.

On behalf our veterans; thanks. Enjoy the books–stories about rural America when responsibility ruled the day.




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