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Resurrecting Live Foundation – News Letter


Now in its 20th year, May has been designated as US National Military Appreciation Month by Congress in order to give Americans a specific occasion to celebrate and appreciate our defenders.  

Resurrecting Lives Foundation is deeply grateful for the sacrifices of all members and veterans of all branches of our US military.  We honor the fallen by caring for their brothers and sisters who return, advocating for educational, vocational, and employment opportunities for all veterans and especially the nearly half-million veterans from all military conflicts and branches of service who are currently affected by traumatic… Continue reading

Salute our Bravest

Exponential Cause Marketing: A Purposeful Path


Stihl, The Cary Francis Group, Gregory Welteroth, and The Resurrecting Lives Foundation (RLF) have joined forces in a cause marketing campaign. Cause marketing, a first for both Stihl and RLF Lives, is when a for profit and a non-profit entity join forces. If the initiative is mutually beneficial it will endure and provide sustained support for the cause, in this case America’s veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury-TBI.

It’s estimated that more than 450,000 veterans are suffering from TBI due to an injury sustained while serving America in Iraq/Afghanistan. Worse yet, the suicide rate… Continue reading

Ethanol’s Impact

Due to my relationship with Stihl, I’m frequently asked about ethanol. I have two responses, one short, the other long. The short answer is, “it can be bad for your small engine.”

“That’s what I thought,” some say. Most ask for further detail, such as, “What do you mean by ‘can’ be bad?” And I explain that if the blend is 10% or less ethanol and the fuel is used within a month or so, then it’s probably okay. I then confuse the issue by adding that even though the fuel pump lists 10% ethanol, some fuel has tested as… Continue reading

Brain Injury Awareness Month

It seems like there’s a day for everything. Mother’s Day, father’s Day, President’s Day, Valentine ’s Day, and the list goes on. Some events get a week. August 1 -7 is World breast feeding week. Who knew? But the really big things get a month, a so-called awareness month.

Admittedly, I get squeamish anytime someone says they’re raising awareness. To me, the term reeks of some alternative motive. I’d rather someone tell me something directly than to dance around the issue and quote – “raise my awareness.” Have you heard, sounds better than, are you aware.  Maybe it’s just… Continue reading

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