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Strom Thurmond

Ferguson Trumps Immigration

President Obama promised to bridge the racial divide; Ferguson could be his finest hour in that endeavor. Who better than President Obama to make the announcement of the Grand Jury’s findings?

Michael Brown’s body has undergone three autopsies–the Brown family, state of Missouri, and the U.S. Justice department. And those results are being reviewed by the Grand Jury. Depending on the finding, the greater St. Louis area could see racial tensions rise to the level not seen since Democrat Strom Thurmond filibustered civil rights legislation.

Ferguson could be President Obama’s finest moment. With Al Sharpton at his side, he could… Continue reading

Ripon Republican

photo 1I recently had the pleasure to attend the world’s largest general aviation airshow along with a couple of friends. Airadventure, more commonly known in the aviation community as “Oshkosh,” is an annual gathering of everything and everyone remotely connected to aviation. It is put on by the EAA, the Experimental Aviation Association. I once had the chance to see Bob Hoover, Chuck Yeager, Greg Boyington, and other lessor known but equally heroic WWII pilots all in the same room and competing for a chance to tell their story. That was thirty years ago and material for another blog.

One of… Continue reading

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