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Preferential Assent – Again

I read an article that got me to thinking. Getting me to thinking is a bit like starting an old diesel engine in the dead of winter; it takes a bit of coaxing. But just like a diesel, once I commence to thinkin’ it’s nearly impossible for me to stop.

The article went the long way around in saying that so many of our beliefs are based on notions rather than facts. It said that we tend to shape our beliefs based on choice, rather than sound argument. I thought about that for a while and decided – dang if… Continue reading

Flying the Atlantic

Here’s the draft of an article written several years ago about flying the Atlantic in a Cessna. It was the first thing I’d ever been paid to write.

Two pilots meet by happenstance and eventually fly the Atlantic in a Cessna 337.  They encounter weather, bureaucracy, but get it done.  The article makes the trip sound doable, which it is. A utube video of the trip can be viewed at

During a spring ’05 dive trip to Cat Island, Bahamas Stan and Brian, divers, pilots and adventurers met for the first time.  Typical of pilots their,… Continue reading

Moral Distress Scale

I was thinking. Don’t act like that’s a surprise. It’s something I catch myself doing in between episodes of “Office” and “Outsourced.” The notion of a moral distress scale was pin balling around in my mind. A moral distress scale is when someone addresses the disequilibrium that results after avoiding an ethically appropriate behavior.

Healthcare professionals frequently deal with this conundrum.  The question, is there a doctor in the house, is frequently met with those with the skills to help sinking low in their seats. Why?

Another example is when tempted to pick up a harmless looking hitchhiker but… Continue reading

Bears and Sharks

The following is based on my seeing Jaws the movie, and an actual bear hunt in the Colorado Rockies.

Bears and Sharks are similar in many ways. Both have a keen sense of smell; their heads, as if mounted on a swivel, are constantly scanning ahead, side to side, and behind. Their bodies are large and without definition. Both animals maintainconstant movement, never stopping, and occasionally exhibiting blistering speed when closing in on a meal; their hunger is insatiable. Sharks and Bears are omnivorous; they’ll eat anything, or anyone. They’ll even eat their own.

I recently had the privilege to… Continue reading

Prodigious Musial

Since publishing my first novel, The Bridge, I get a lot of questions. Guys I knew growing up want to know when I learned to spell. More polite people want to know why I write, how I got started, how do I create characters, when is the movie, and so on. But there are two questions I like most and have the most endearing answers. 1) What is the most extraordinary thing that has happened to you as a result of your books? 2) What is the most poignant moment that has occurred?

The oral version of this story… Continue reading

Google That!

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Google’s HQ in Palo Alto, California.

Google is creepily impressive. The company was founded in 1998 by a couple of college students. Google went public in 2004. Google now employs over 50,000, 2012 revenues exceeded $50 billion and the company’s equity exceeds $70 billion, which is more than Ford and GM combined. Google has the capital to acquire both Ford and GM. That’s daunting. Now, recall that the company was founded in a garage fourteen years ago, and now has amassed enough capital to purchase two of America’s century old industrial icons; that’s… Continue reading

Bunnies and Bears

Bunnies and BearsDSC_3218 copy

I grew up in a small house less than a 1000 square feet. There were six of us, and consequently no room for an indoor dog. I had one friend who had an indoor dog, a poodle. Other than that, he, the friend, was normal.

After being married several years my wife and I moved into a house with more than one toilet and plenty of room. The three boys began asking for a dog. I didn’t have one growing and up and I decided they didn’t need one either. I pulled into the driveway after… Continue reading

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