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I was recently asked if when deciding on a healthcare plan for our company do I first consider what’s best for the company or the employee. It dawned on me that some think company owners consider healthcare an obligation. I explained. Companies provide healthcare plans as part of the compensation/benefit package. Employees migrate from one job to another based on the total package, which usually includes a healthcare component. Companies can provide healthcare to employees at a lower cost than an employee can purchase for themselves. And then the answer—we determine what we think is the best plan for anyone,… Continue reading

Think or Know?


I like to fiddle with words. Fiddling helps me learn how best to use words, or use them most appropriately. Too often people use the wrong word and that’s the root of miscommunication. Lying is not the biggest problem, unintended obfuscation is. “What’s that?” you ask. Thanks for asking.

Someone once said that less is more, that someone probably wasn’t a banker or an IRS agent. Most people when asking a yes or no question don’t ask a yes or no question. For example – “Are you going to the game tonight? We are because my cousin’s daughter’s boyfriend’s… Continue reading

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