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The Debt Threat & Solution

I’ve been boiling maple sap all night. My mind works overtime while tending vats of boiling sap, which is akin to boiling water. One has plenty of time to think while watching water boil for twenty-four hours straight.

The second biggest threat to America is the inability of our government to curb spending. Too often, conversations about deficit spending invariably end up in a blame game. Each President and Congress blames the previous. This isn’t new and it’s unproductive. What is new is the nearness of the proverbial precipice about which America is precariously close. Now there’s a string… Continue reading

Keep your eye on the ball!

While watching John Jay and Carlos Beltran dropping routine fly balls last night the theme for today’s blog popped into the interstice between my ears. No, this isn’t a blog about baseball; it’s about distractions. “You think the crowd distracted them?” My wife asked after watching the first ball drop. “I can’t watch this anymore,” she said after the second fly ball hit the turf while two men, paid millions of dollars to catch a baseball, stood within arm’s length of each other and stared incredulously at their gloves.

Polls show that everyone realizes our government is spending too much… Continue reading


Calvin Coolidge was president from 1923 until 1929. He left office with a smaller budget than when he began. His secret was a budget. He met with his budget committee almost weekly during his entire term. During that budget cutting era America enjoyed jobs growth and economic expansion. Coolidge was known as the ‘No’ president. Sometimes ‘no’ is the right answer. Parents say no to their children, congress should say no to constituents.

Coolidge also recognized a phenomenon that would later be illustrated in the Laffer Curve, a representation of the elasticity of tax rates. Coolidge said, “Experience does not… Continue reading

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