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Flummoxed, Frustrated, but not Fooled

The top 500 companies in America grew their profits last year by 31.7%. Meanwhile, they added only .7% to their workforce. Wal-Mart, the nation’s revenue leader kept their headcount level. Why all of this record growth with little or no addition to the workforce?

Earlier this year the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Hobby Lobby vs. Sebelius case. Hobby Lobby is faced with what some would call a moral dilemma. Hobby Lobby wishes to provide healthcare for their workforce of over 22,000. But they don’t choose to offer coverage for aborticant drugs. Their choice is to either drop… Continue reading

Deficit to Surplus

Don’t you hate it when someone brags about having read an entire book the night before? How could anyone read an entire book in one night, you wonder, or at least I do. Books are to be enjoyed, not gobbled up like last year’s Halloween candy. Fast reading is not a sign of intelligence, or so I say.

Well, here goes. “I read the book From Deficit to Surplus last night. And I had lunch with the author today. “Wow,” you say, or at least I hope you did. More than likely you’re gagging, or worse yet, have exited from… Continue reading

Beyond Obamacare


It’s so easy to get distracted, which is what most people are with regards to healthcare. Healthcare is a frequently discussed subject these days but few are discussing the issues that really matter. Too many are distracted by the website fiasco and not focusing on the most important healthcare challenges, which by the way, isn’t Obamacare.

Healthcare policy is shaped by politics and religion—two potentially divisive drivers. Politicians have used moral obligation, the roots of which lie in religion, to further healthcare initiatives, which stand to advance their political careers. The root of the reason for their biases can… Continue reading

Contagion, Cure & Result

Contagion: the spreading of an attitude or emotion from person to person.

Notions pertaining to healthcare are contagious. And like a contagion, the notions deal more with emotion than fact. The following are a few principals surrounding healthcare for all to consider when advancing the contagion.

Most economic factors are related and dependent on the economy. Healthcare is not. The demand for and cost of healthcare grows irrespective of the economy. People age, become ill, have accidents, and need healthcare regardless of the growth or contraction of America’s GDP.

GDP is the value of goods and services produced. It’s essentially… Continue reading


I was recently asked if when deciding on a healthcare plan for our company do I first consider what’s best for the company or the employee. It dawned on me that some think company owners consider healthcare an obligation. I explained. Companies provide healthcare plans as part of the compensation/benefit package. Employees migrate from one job to another based on the total package, which usually includes a healthcare component. Companies can provide healthcare to employees at a lower cost than an employee can purchase for themselves. And then the answer—we determine what we think is the best plan for anyone,… Continue reading


Name a problem and the root cause can too often be found in apathy. The problem with education isn’t the teachers or the curriculum; it’s the lack of parent involvement at home, at school, and at the ballot box. The problem with healthcare isn’t that we need more money for treatment; it’s society’s apathetic view on health. Want to cure diabetes? Stop filling up the 44oz cup after filling up the car. Eat vegetables and fruit instead of calling out for Pizza.  Want to stop the government from continuing the deficit spending? Support those congressmen who will stop government… Continue reading

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