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Preferential Assent – Again

I read an article that got me to thinking. Getting me to thinking is a bit like starting an old diesel engine in the dead of winter; it takes a bit of coaxing. But just like a diesel, once I commence to thinkin’ it’s nearly impossible for me to stop.

The article went the long way around in saying that so many of our beliefs are based on notions rather than facts. It said that we tend to shape our beliefs based on choice, rather than sound argument. I thought about that for a while and decided – dang if… Continue reading

Climate Change

At the risk of losing all of my blog followers I’m respectfully sharing a couple of provocative thoughts on climate change. It’s possible that climate change will eclipse terrorism as the world’s most divisive issue. We all need to give the subject considerable thought.

For the purposes of a discussion of this magnitude, one must first decide if they believe in a deity. And then there’s the question of God. For those who profess a belief in God, the following hopefully provokes further research in an effort to reach an informed conclusion. For those who don’t believe in God, I… Continue reading

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