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Babe Ruth

Baseball’s Song

The most interesting World Series occurred in 1918. The Cubs were playing, but that’s not what made that particular series stand out from all the others before and since. Over 100,000 Americans had already lost their lives in World War I; baseball players were needed in battle rather than in the stadiums. The series was ordered by the government to be finished before labor-day, making players available for the draft. Game one between the Cubs and Red Sox was played in Chicago, but not in Wrigley. The series had been moved to bigger Comiskey Park. Wrigley existed, but by a… Continue reading

Baseball’s Greatest Men

“Who were the greatest men in baseball to make the hall of fame?” Pop that question to a testosterone-laden group while watching the World Series. If the answers first given include only a bevy of stats, repeat the question and emphasize the word ‘man.’ If that doesn’t get their attention, and it usually doesn’t, you’ll have to be more obvious by saying that the question wasn’t the best player, but the best man. You may need to explain, and that’s the problem.

Ty Cobb, with a lifetime batting average of .376 and over 4000 hits is arguably the greatest player… Continue reading

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