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Keep your eye on the ball!

While watching John Jay and Carlos Beltran dropping routine fly balls last night the theme for today’s blog popped into the interstice between my ears. No, this isn’t a blog about baseball; it’s about distractions. “You think the crowd distracted them?” My wife asked after watching the first ball drop. “I can’t watch this anymore,” she said after the second fly ball hit the turf while two men, paid millions of dollars to catch a baseball, stood within arm’s length of each other and stared incredulously at their gloves.

Polls show that everyone realizes our government is spending too much and our national debt is too high. I say everyone because there’s always a few who are happy with anything. Over 10% of those polled are happy with Congress, the Senate, and the President. This tells me the survey has at least an error factor of 10%.

All of this talk about debt ceilings and default is a distraction. Failure to raise the debt ceiling will not cause the country to go into default. Failure to raise the debt ceiling simply means the government spending can’t exceed that which it takes in and the already approved debt limit. It’s too late to say the government must live within its means. We passed that line $16,000,000,000,000.00 ago. That’s $16 trillion, or over $52,000 per American, including those born today. Every time the debt ceiling is raised, the amount of money ‘you’ owe China goes up.

Republican politicians are reveling in the troubles that the 800 million dollar Obamacare website is experiencing. The fact that the website doesn’t work and it cost ten times more than was budgeted isn’t the issue. Democrats are rejoicing that the focus is on the website and not on the cost of Obamacare.

Democrats blame Republicans for the government shutdown. Republicans blame Democrats. Essentially the House of Representatives passed a bill that provides for an increase in the debt limit but has provisions that call for a reduction in the growth of spending. And one of the primary drivers of cost is healthcare and entitlements.

Few things are more permanent than a temporary Government program. So, all of this talk about a temporary fix is for naught.  Cuts have been to known to be temporary, but temporary spending almost always becomes permanent. So, Obamacare is the central topic in the discussion of raising the debt ceiling and increasing the amount that each American will owe the Chinese and worse of all cause more Americans  to become dependent on the Government.

All of this is a distraction from the real problem, which is the need for US Constitutional enlightenment and major cultural reform. I carry with me copies of the US Constitution and when someone claims something to be constitutional or unconstitutional I hand them a copy of the US Constitution and ask them to show me. Separation of Church and State is the most frequently sighted claim that can’t be found anywhere in the constitution. I tell them to Google the Danbury Letter and they’ll find the genesis of the confusion. Healthcare is now thought to be a Constitutional right.

The fact that people appreciate things for which they’ve worked has been proven since the need to prove a thing has been necessary. An entitlement provided for by the government is not a right, but a darn good thing to have when they’re needed and Americans are always happy to help those in need.  The problem is our culture has grown to the point that it’s difficult to recognize a need from a want, and those truly in need from those who want something for nothing.

Politicians have learned to associate entitlements with votes. Entitlements have become the contagion that could ultimately destroy America. In order for someone to get something for nothing, someone has to first provide the something. Historically, Americans have always wanted to be part of the group that provides. Too many are now being conditioned to think that it’s not only better to receive than give, but that it’s a constitutional right.

Obamacare isn’t the problem– it’s a symptom. Don’t be distracted; keep your eye on the ball—debt.

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