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Iran Deal

Agreement vs Deal

The following was inspired by the recent Iran ‘deal.’

An agreement is reached through four basic strategies: deliberation, negotiation, compromise, or capitulation. And then there’s the deal.

Deliberation occurs when all parties involved agree on the goal and the conversation centers on the best solution or strategy. For example a civic group decides to build a ballpark and they deliberate on how best to proceed.

Negotiation is when two or more parties or entities reach a mutually beneficial agreement. An example known to all is when one negotiates the purchase of an automobile or home. The buyer and seller arrive at a price that is acceptable to both.

Compromise is a lower form of negotiation in that both sides make undesired concessions. While negotiation generally leaves both sides satisfied, compromise usually results in a settlement in which neither side feels content.

Capitulation can be described as a ‘soft’ surrender but is often called a treaty. Capitulation is when an entity gives in to another and all the benefit goes to one at the cost to the other or in some cases, others. Capitulation has occurred when one side claims they got everything they wanted and the other side’s explanation is a prime example of obfuscation.

Now there’s another term that’s too often misused – Deal. “Let’s make a deal,” usually implies negotiation. To properly think of ‘deal,’ one should think of a dealer in a card game. The dealer gives cards and never receives. Properly defined, deal implies giving. Deal sometimes refers to focus. For example, when one chooses to ‘deal’ with a matter, or in some cases, claims they can’t ‘deal’ with a matter.

Deal usually implies the giving away of something. That’s why it’s called the Iran Deal. So, in this case, the term ‘deal,’ is properly used.







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