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Ferguson Trumps Immigration

President Obama promised to bridge the racial divide; Ferguson could be his finest hour in that endeavor. Who better than President Obama to make the announcement of the Grand Jury’s findings?

Michael Brown’s body has undergone three autopsies–the Brown family, state of Missouri, and the U.S. Justice department. And those results are being reviewed by the Grand Jury. Depending on the finding, the greater St. Louis area could see racial tensions rise to the level not seen since Democrat Strom Thurmond filibustered civil rights legislation.

Ferguson could be President Obama’s finest moment. With Al Sharpton at his side, he could stand with the Grand Jury in making the announcement. If the announcement calls for an indictment, then he’d been seen as a hero to the black community, if the announcement is something less than an indictment, then he could use his stature in the black community to call for calm, and be a hero to those who reside in Ferguson and greater St. Louis, and the rest of America.

Using the legal power and influence of the highest office in America to affect peace within our borders would be prodigiously Presidential.

Immigration and legally questionable amnesty can wait a few more days or weeks; Ferguson cannot.

President Obama, be Presidential, not controversial, please!

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