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Electoral College—The Saving Grace of America

Grace is to do honor or favor to someone or something even though they’re undeserving. The Electoral College may be America’s saving grace.

Based on recent primary election results, not fickle polls, but actual results, America’s choice for President, from among a group of distinguished, qualified, and honorable candidates, is either a lady known for screeching speeches and lying or a man known for being sophomoric, raucous and rude. And it’s because those are apparently America’s most popular choices that I say America is undeserving.

I can’t explain why the lady is the choice of Democrats from among a vast field of qualified statesmen. Surely the Democrats have a more patriotic and qualified candidate to put forth. But they haven’t, and at this point what does it matter. Her popularity is simply inexplicable.

Republicans are just as far off the rails. From among a field of Governors who have led their respective states to fiscal soundness in a time when the US Government is at record debt relative to the GDP, in addition to leaders of industry who have proven their skills on the world stage, and other highly accomplished choices, the most popular candidate, while very wealthy, is arguably the most self-aggrandizing person on planet earth. His popularity can be attributed to those who wish to elect anyone who has never served in any political capacity—they’re taking it to the man, so to speak, by supporting, the man. His popularity is bizarre.

While the Democrats seem to have gotten what they want, the Republicans have not, and they don’t know what to do. I do.

270 Electoral votes are required to win the election for President. If nobody receives 270 electoral votes the US House of Representatives chooses. So, what to do? If Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich, run as independents and win their respective states, nobody gets 270 votes. Our next President would be chosen by the House, with each state getting one vote.

While this is an unlikely scenario, it would be constitutional and interesting to see play out. The anti-establishment who support Trump would be saved from their short-sighted folly. The establishment who support Clinton would get a lesson in how the constitution works. And best of all, the little guy wins. Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, each, would have just as much say as New York, Florida, California, and Ohio. Wouldn’t that be cool? As my dad used to say, “Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.”

America would be saved by the Electoral College, proving once again, the erudite founding fathers, the authors of the US Constitution, got it right, providing a timeless saving grace strategy.




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