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Easy to Wrap Father’s Day Gift

Jun15_ColbySeriesWorldMagFFather’s Day gifts are always a challenge. It’s not polite to give them what they need; nose hair clippers, deodorant, reading glasses. Clothes are difficult because of the size and style challenge. When it comes to hunting and fishing, the accessory selection is enormous and each hunter seems to have their own mysterious dogmatic notions about what’s best for them. I always thought fish were color blind, guess not. How many styles of rods and reels are there? Do fish really care about the shape of the hook?

Socks and underwear are last resort and kind of weird to buy for your dad. Boxers or briefs?

Books are the ticket; they’re symmetrical and easy to wrap. And the best book to give as a gift is one that will be read. Read the reviews of The Colby series and you’ll be convinced that these books will be read, or at least have been read. And more than likely he doesn’t already have them. They’re sure to get you a favorable nod.

And the best gift to give is one that keeps on giving. For example, the gift of life. Well, these books aren’t the gift of life, but reading them makes life more fun. And, they can be passed on to the next generation; they’re timeless. But most of all the proceeds from book sales help our veterans. And in some cases, that may be the gift of life. Check out Resurrecting Lives at

Now, if you’re not interested the possibility of the books being passed on to the next generation, then simply purchase an eBook version. That’s a great way to avoid the problem of wrapping. Hop on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and check out the gift option; it’s easy. Send it direct to their Kindle, Nook, or iPad.

The best option is paperback. Imagine old dad lying in the recliner, taking a nap, and a copy of “The Bridge” on his lap. He’ll awake after a pleasant dream from his childhood, smile, glance at the book, and think of you.

He’s probably thinking of you now, and wondering what lame gift you have in mind for him, or if you’ve given father’s day any thought. Surprise him!

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