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I don’t think anyone is satisfied with President Obama’s recent Oval Office lecture. Both Democrats and Republicans are railing our Commander in Chief, mostly for what he didn’t say. After sufficient coaxing, some have asked what I wish he’d said. Here’s what I tell them.

I wish President Obama would have acknowledged that the world is at war with a newly energized sect of radical Muslims bent on creating a worldwide Caliphate. We’re not at war with Muslims in general or any particular Muslim country. In fact, our allies in this war include those Muslims who are not part of the ISIS strategy.

I wish he’d compared/contrasted the ISIS movement to the Christian’s Great Commission, given to Christians by Christ (Luke 24:44-53). The Great Commission calls for Christians to reach out to all corners of the earth telling all of the saving Grace of Jesus Christ. Countless Christians have lost their lives following Christ’s command. Now, contrast the Christian strategy with that of ISIS. Devotees to ISIS travel the world killing in the name of Islam. Both movements call for followers of their faith to travel far and wide. Suffering and death occur for both. One group is willing to suffer and die for their cause; the other is willing to kill and cause suffering for theirs.

President Obama is calling the attack in California the first terrorist attack since September 11, 2001. What about Ft. Hood and Boston? The difference between California, Boston, and Ft. Hood, is the California killers had a plan to kill more and there’s ample proof that they received significant financial and technical support from others within our borders.

They’re here! ISIS is operating within the borders of America.

That’s what I wish he’d said. Surely he knows. It would make me feel better if I was sure he knew. And it would be comforting to hear of an intent on his part to develop a strategy to keep Americans safe. Facta Non Verba.

President Obama isn’t alone. Watching both Fox News and CNN, I’ve heard numerous reporters call California the fist attack since 9/11. Paris is forgotten. The big news is climate change and gun control. Will changing my light bulbs, driving a Prius, and getting rid of my guns stop the global Caliphate movement of ISIS?

Can we bury our heads in the sand any deeper?

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