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Brain Injury Awareness Month

It seems like there’s a day for everything. Mother’s Day, father’s Day, President’s Day, Valentine ’s Day, and the list goes on. Some events get a week. August 1 -7 is World breast feeding week. Who knew? But the really big things get a month, a so-called awareness month.

Admittedly, I get squeamish anytime someone says they’re raising awareness. To me, the term reeks of some alternative motive. I’d rather someone tell me something directly than to dance around the issue and quote – “raise my awareness.” Have you heard, sounds better than, are you aware.  Maybe it’s just me but too many honorarium days, weeks, and months causes a loss of focus on any of them.

But, have you heard that March is Brain injury awareness month? 1.7 million Americans sustain a brain injury each year. Many of these are our warriors suffering from wounds received from an IED while fighting the never-ending war on terrorism.

Brain Injury Awareness month needs everyone’s attention. The purpose of the honorarium is to raise awareness for brain injury in general, but I ask you to think specifically about our warriors who suffer from TBI, traumatic brain injury.

Resurrecting Lives  is an organization with a specific focus on helping veterans suffering from TBI. Nearly half a million veterans suffer from TBI. They need more than recognition; they need our help, financially and prayfully.

In celebration of Brain Injury Awareness Month, I’m offering a free copy of my first book The Bridge. It’s truly a free offer with no strings attached. My hope is that readers will then purchase the next two books in the Colby Series and thereby help our warriors suffering from TBI. You see, all profits from book sales are donated to Resurrecting Lives.

Got to and get your free copy. Don’t worry, there’s no shipping and handling.

If you already have a copy of The Colby Series, then please send this blog to a friend and raise their awareness, so to speak.


Stan C


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