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Al Qaeda & Isis; What’s the difference?

A frequently asked question is what’s the difference between Al Qaeda and Isis, and that question is quickly followed with why does it matter.

Most westerners don’t understand theocracy; a government in which there is no separation between church and state. Most Moslem countries are not simply countries in which the citizens are mostly Moslem, they’re countries in which the laws and culture are dictated by the Moslem religion.

Al Qaeda essentially wants the government of the respective Moslem countries to adhere to a set of religious rules that are very restrictive for Moslems and often times deadly for those not of the Moslem faith.

Isis wishes to eliminate all governments and boundaries and establish a world-wide caliphate, a one-world order controlled by ‘their’ rules.

While Isis is a movement of people of the Moslem faith, most Moslems do not agree with the Isis movement.

Now that you know the difference, I hope you realize why it matters.

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